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Weddings, Celebrations of Life, Funerals  and other Milestone Life Events


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Life Celebrations personalized to honor your loved ones.


When it comes to Life celebrations, such as birthdays, weddings, births and even deaths, Soulful Transitions was created to support those who are facing some of life's biggest moments.

We specialize in the personalization of each event. Through a careful consultation and planning session, we work on your behalf to create a theme and a tone that will honor and memorialize a loved one. No idea too outside the realm of possibility. Let's sit together and brainstorm ideas that are doable within the time limits and budget you may be working with.


We coordinate with you through all aspects of the planning process when personalizing a service that will be a memorial or end of life celebration. Utilizing life experience, creative abilities, resources and connections throughout the Central Florida and Lake County communities.  We will work hard to ensure that our client's and the attendees are satisfied and have a beautiful experience. With many years in entertainment and display fabrication, Gloria brings together over 27 plus years experience and assembles the most interesting and dynamic parts of a persons life to help tell and share their story in a very creative, unique and respectful way. 


During one of the most vulnerable and difficult times in your life, it can be hard to reach out to someone and ask for assistance, especially from complete strangers. This can leave you feeling overwhelmed. We truly understand this and know how difficult those immediate hours and days are in the beginning of your loss. Realizing only months after to find out or feel that you would have liked to do more. Soulful Transitions is here to help in any way possible. Having been at this same crossroads several times in my own life, it has been the catalyst that has enabled me to create services for others that I wish I would have had, during a very emotional and painful time in my own life. It is a privledge to help honor your loved one's life and create a memorable experience that is worthy of the life they lived.


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