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Why do I need a Life-Cycle Celebrant?


Sometimes BIG life events come at you fast, or are so emotionally charged that you sometimes lose your focus and intent. A Life-Cycle Celebrant is schooled, educated and committed to helping you in many ways as this life event occurs. Celebrants provide unlimited consultation through interviewing their clients, and if needed their client's family. The Officiant stands at the side of the honoree's during the ceremony, to physically bring the focus of the ceremony to the intended; and the Celebrant will provide a tasteful keepsake ceremony script to their client following the ceremony.

Celebrants are prepared to work with people of any belief- secular, religious or with people that religious institutions do not serve their ceremonial needs. No belief system is ever imposed or presumed by the Celebrant. A Life-Cycle Celebrant will work with you at length and in great detail to co-create with you a personal ceremony that is unique to you and reflects you 100%.


A Life-Cycle Celebrant does not perform religious ceremonies that are reserved by a religion to be performed solely by the Clergy of that religion.



Using elements of a person's life to create the perfect service for them.

Even though you may be taking the prayers, hymns and religion out of a service, that doesn't mean that you are left without the necessary and important elements or powerful symbolism.

As your Celebrant, I will take the time to speak one on one with the family or even the client if possible (pre-planning) we are hosting the service for. Did they have a favorite song or playlist? A favorite poem, a passage from a favorite book? Any special achievements that they are proud of? I carefully assemble all the answers and details together to create a beautiful service using all those personal elements and rituals to honor their life.

Using Symbols and gestures to honor a loved one and the life they lived.

There are many significant and meaningful traditions that can help honor a person's life that are not rooted in religion. For instance, lighting a candle in someone's memory, or giving a toast to the loved one who is no longer with us. There are many other ideas, but utilizing one of these powerful traditions to close out the service helps to begin the healing and serves in uniting everyone at the funeral in the love and the rememberance of the deceased.

This can be a special and sacred time, and holding your service in a place that is their version of their church, a special location that holds great meaning. Maybe a park, or a service held at Dad's favorite Golf Club or Fishing Spot. You don't have to be religious to feel a certain connection of energy in a place that is deeply rooted and held in memory. Any of these places often make the best locations for remembrance.


What does a Funeral Celebrant Do?

A Funeral Celebrant's mission is to create a beautiful ceremony for families that reflect their wishes, beliefs, cultural background and values; while also bringing people together to celebrate the life lived. Whether a family is religious or non-religious, a Funeral Celebrant wil carefully craft a service that tells the full story of the loved ones heritage, talent, loves, relationships, accomplishments and much more. They help to paint a picture of the real person, and do so by asking pointed yet caring questions so that the deceased's true nature is reflected.


Not only can a Funeral Celebrant provide non-religious families with a beautiful service experience, It has been found that Celebrant led services leave the client and families feeling seen and heard, validated and honored, and ultimately having had a more personal experience as opposed to a traditional service. With the slow evoloution and changes with how we communicate, younger generations are asking for something more aligned with their beliefs and values.

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