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WEDDING: My partner and I had the honor to have Gloria officiate our wedding. There are so many things to say about Gloria during the 9 months of planning our wedding. She was with us every step of the way, she had thought of so many things (All custom and special: ie.e. Bohemian Totem Pole, Rainbow Tree Planting Ritual, Oathing Stone, Messages on the garden rocks, and much much more) that some of them we could not of even imagined would and did make our wedding so much more meaningful and beautiful.


The first time Jackie and I met with Gloria she gave us a four-page 'getting to know you' sheet for each of us to fill out about the other one. The emotions we felt filling the sheet out about each other were overwhelming and the details of her questions definitely made us aware that we were destined to be married. Gloria was always a phone call, text, email away every day that we needed her. Gloria learned a lot about mine and Jackie's relationship from that four-page sheet that she went on to show our love for each other at our ceremony.


The ceremony Gloria officiated for us was 40 minutes long with love, honesty, tears, and laughter. There was not a person that did not cry or laugh during our ceremony. Gloria is one of the most caring, thoughtful, loving and honest people we know, she truly knows how to tell an amazing 'Love Story' carefully crafted and woven together out of a four-page sheet of paper. If you are looking for the kind of ceremony that will truly show how much you love and care for your partner, then Gloria is the Celebrant for you. She also gave us a commemorative ceremony with some of the pictures from our ceremony that illustrated how things unfolded in such a moving and unique way.

We would highly recommend Gloria to officiate your wedding and create memories for a lifetime. Gloria is one of the most detailed persons and always has a plan of action for every situation she truly made Jackie and I feel very special and felt the love from her. Words could never express how honored we were to have Gloria officiate our wedding. even to this day our memories still continue.

~Jackie and Monica


CELEBRATION OF LIFE: Mourning the loss of a loved one is difficult enough on it's own. The thought of having to organize and then deliver a message that would truly honor that loved one can be overwhelming to a grieving family. That is why having a Life Cycle Celebrant like Gloria Savannah-Austin is simply prriceless.


A funeral service is meant to help those who have lost a loved one to begin the healing process. It's a time to honor the life of the loved one as well. Instead of grieving, emotional family members are struggling with thier thoughts and in the initial stages of grief in front of loving, supportive family, friends and neighbors which often leaves the observers feeling dismayed and pained for their loss. Gloria allows the true experience of your loved ones life to be the main focus. As Gloria gives a voice to those family members who are too consumed with emotions and sorrow to speak for themselves, she shares beautiful memories that truly honor the presence of the life you are there to honor.


Gloria is a true professional and invests a lot of time, attention and focuses on the smallest of details when putting together a truly customized life tribute. She delivers a most lovely ceremony and turns one of life's most difficult times into a meaningful and healing time. Those who have gathered leave with a sense of peace, understanding, and begin the process of healing with fond memories of the day.

~With Appreciation,

          Claudia Virga 

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