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About Us

SOULful Transitions supports you through life's many defining moments in time.​

We facilitate and produce soulful, inspiring life celebrations. Personalizing Weddings, Funerals, Memorials and other life changing events to create lasting memories for families and friends.


As your Celebrant, I will guide you and assist you in paying homage to your life's achievements, your wonderful times, and the meaningful relationships of your life, as well as to the most difficult passages you will have.


My mission is to create a ceremony that best reflects your wishes, beliefs and cultural background and your values- religious or non-religious- for you, your loved one or someone in your circle of friends. You will have complete choice and final approval over your ceremony. Nothing will be imposed upon you without your consent.


Above all else, a life celebration reflects the wishes of the family of the living or deceased in honoring both their death and their life.



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